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Pregnancy Support Helps With an Adoption

“Emily” was very distressed when she first called ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Services (PSS). She had a newborn child who was the result of a rape incident. In fact, Emily was unaware she was pregnant for some time. When she discovered the pregnancy, she was very distraught and began having flashback about the assault she had endured.

She decided to carry the baby to term and at first considered making an adoption plan. However, her maternal instincts kicked in after the child was born. She became attached to him regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy. However, her family members did not respond well to the paternity of the child.

Emily contacted Bethany from PSS to discuss making an adoption plan for her baby. She very much wanted a married couple for her child so he could grow up in an intact family. Emily was introduced to a young, childless couple and felt from the day she had met them that they were meant to be her son’s parents.

“Connor” has been doing wonderfully well with his new family. Bethany says he is a happy little guy and very expressive with others. Since both Emily and the adoptive couple have felt comfortable with an open adoption, they have developed a mutually respectful and supportive relationship with one another.

Bethany describes Emily as being highly intelligent, caring and outgoing. She says, “Emily is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. She has such a kind heart, is selfless, and she is always concerned about the needs of others.” Emily is a very hard worker and is a successful store manager. She is doing an exceptional job parenting her older children and is totally committed to their welfare.

We have been privileged to know and serve Emily. We are also grateful for your partnership with us as we reach out to moms and kids in need. Learn more about Pregnancy Support Services.

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