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Pregnancy Support Services Helps a Young Mother

We find it a privilege to come alongside young families who are in need of encouragement and support. “Bella” and her husband recently left their homeland to find a safe community to live. Sadly, their first child died a few days after birth due in part to a lack of medical services in their home country.

When Bella discovered she was pregnant for the second time, she became highly anxious. She was experiencing a great deal of unresolved grief over losing their first child. She confided in a friend who directed her to ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Services program having been a former client herself.

Allison, Bella’s pregnancy counselor, related that she was very timid and cautious at first. She felt filled with anxiety and feared losing the pregnancy. However, Allison provided her much needed counseling and emotional support. She met with her weekly and helped her deal with the overwhelming sadness she was feeling since her own family was not in the country.

Bella gave birth to a very healthy baby boy. She has adjusted well to being a new mom and has gotten past her fears. She enrolled in college and Allison helped her find a tutor and obtain a library card so that she could acquire the books she needs. Allison says she has become a very good mom and enjoys nurturing her child.

Bella has blossomed into a lovely young woman. She is hard working, motivated and kind to others. Allison says she smiles and laughs a lot and also has a very supportive husband. She is highly intelligent and plans to find employment in the medical field once she completes her training.

We are so pleased to see how Bella has embraced her life and has done so well in the time she has been involved with our Pregnancy Support Services. We also appreciate your investment in our work so we can extend Christian love to those who need it most. Learn more about Pregnancy Support Services.

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