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A Family Adopts a Baby Girl

photo for illustration onlySome children have a rougher start in life than others. “Anna’s” birthparents both have a history of drug use, which has brought them to the attention of the law. However, since her mother wanted to have a healthy baby, she managed her drug dependency so that Anna tested negative for drugs at birth. Nevertheless, both parents knew they were not able to provide a stable home environment for Anna, so they agreed to make an adoption plan for her.

Anna was welcomed into a two-parent family with a stay-at-home mom and three older siblings. The kids are very excited to have a baby sister and enjoy helping with her care. Fortunately, she is on target developmentally and has attached to both of her adoptive parents as well as with the children in the family.

The adoptive mom is kind-hearted, easy going, and nurturing. She is very supportive of the agency’s Pregnancy Support Services and organized a shower for our new moms to furnish them with much need baby diapers. The adoptive dad works in the accounting field. He loves kids and being a dad. He is warm, friendly, and outgoing, and enjoys playing a number of different sports.

Anna’s adoptive parents say that she is a happy and easy baby to parent. She smiles readily and likes to be cuddled and held. Although she had a difficult beginning with her birthparents, she is doing very well now in a very loving and caring Christian family.

We greatly appreciate your support which enables us to find wonderful forever homes for young children like Anna. You can learn more about our Adoption program on our website.

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Names have been changed and photos are for illustration only
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