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Safe Families Helps a Single Mother

We always want to help those who make good use of our services. “Mary” is a young woman who is raising her preschool age daughter as a single mother. She has no family support of her own and felt the need for “Zoe” to be cared for by another family temporarily while she worked to complete her high school education. Fortunately, she found a transitional housing program which provides a place for her to live while she pursues schooling and job training opportunities.

Mary requested services through the Safe Families for Children Program. “Pastor Tim and Emily” not only opened their home and hearts to Zoe but are providing Mary with encouragement and emotional support as well. Mary greatly appreciates Emily praying with her and for her. Our Safe Families case manager, April, is also trying to help Mary find a congregation close by which can provide her with a supportive church family.

April describes Mary to be highly motivated, hardworking, calm, persistent, and as being a good mom. Zoe is spirited, outgoing, very cute and super smart. She enjoys books and playing with Pastor Tim and Emily’s younger daughters. She is being exposed to and is learning many new things. Zoe especially loves playing with baby dolls.

Mary graduated high school in January and earned mostly A’s on her report card. She is currently participating in a training program and has goals of obtaining a job and providing child care for Zoe. We appreciate Mary’s desire to accept responsibility for herself and her daughter. We also are grateful for your investment in the work we do to assist young parents care for their children and prepare for the future. You can learn more about our Safe Families for Children program on our website.

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