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Intact Family Services Helps a Family in Need

Some of the families we work with are going through uncertain and turbulent times in their lives. “Samantha” has struggled with dependence on alcohol for many years. She is a single mother to a school age boy, “Zach”, and a preschool age girl, “Emma”. Sam’s drinking became so severe that a DCFS investigator indicated her for neglect of her children.

Kristina is the ECFA case manager who has been assigned to the family’s case. She has worked to build trust with Sam and her children and to put supportive services in place. Sam has completed alcohol rehabilitation and the family is doing well in family counseling. Sam also continues her involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous and has just acquired her six month sobriety chip.

Zach is a good kid but is very guarded. He has taken on the role of the big brother and protector of his little sister. However, he has been doing well in working out his past hurts and painful memories of his mom’s alcohol abuse and neglectful behavior in counseling. Emma is a very happy little girl. She freely gives Kristina hugs when she comes to visit the family in their home.

Sam is a full-time office worker and loves her job. She has been taking responsibility for both her own recovery and the welfare of the children. Kristina says that she is very welcoming, outgoing, optimistic and approachable. Sam draws strength from her Christian faith and desires to impart spiritual values to her children. She is goal oriented and is preparing to purchase a home. Sam desires to be the best possible parent she can be to Zach and Emma.

We are glad to come alongside families who are going through difficulties in their lives and provide them with good counsel and practical assistance. We also greatly appreciate your partnership with us as we assist parents and children in need.

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