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Pregnancy Support Services Helps a Young Mother

mother and her newborn baby We consider it a privilege to come alongside women from all walks of life that are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. “Sofie” is an immigrant from another country who sought out help from a local crisis pregnancy center. She was referred early on in her pregnancy to ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) Program for long-term support.

Our PSS Supervisor, Krista, says that Sophie was a little reluctant at first to receive services. However, after a short time she began to engage with Krista and looked to her for guidance and support. Sophie has no family in the U.S. and only limited assistance from friends. She expressed her desire to carry her unborn child to term and to parent her. However, she did not know how she could manage as a single parent.

Sophie gave birth to “Katie”, a beautiful baby girl. Sophie works part-time but has full-time career goals. Katie’s father is somewhat involved, but for the most part, Sophie is on her own. Krista describes Katie as being “so cute” and says she “talks” a lot. Sophie is very attentive to Katie’s cues for food, changing, and sleep.

Sophie says, “I don’t know what I would have done without PSS.” She has felt supported emotionally, spiritually, vocationally, and as a new mom. In addition, PSS has provided Sophie with many baby items and information about parenting. Krista relates that Sophie is very sweet and welcoming. Sophie is grateful for all the support that she has received and says that she has felt “God’s love” for both herself and for her daughter.

We are grateful for your partnership with us as we reach out to new parents and little ones in need. Learn more about PSS. To invest financially in the work of ECFA, you can use the PayPal button below. For other ways you can support ECFA, please see our Giving page.


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