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Safe Families Provides Respite Care

grandmother and mother with her daughters Providing temporary care for children in need has been our unique privilege through the Safe Families for Children Program. “Heather” and her mother, “Marie”, have been raising Heather’s two young daughters, “Emma” and “Anna”. They have no other family support, so when their childcare plan fell through, Heather and Marie became desperate.

Both of these women are enrolled in a community college and are taking courses to improve their workplace skills. Neither one of them could afford to drop out of school in order to stay home with the children during the final six weeks of their school term. Heather called the Safe Families Program for help and Carlie, ECFA’s Hub Manager, worked to assist her family during this difficult time.

Fortunately, two host families were found who could immediately step in the gap for the family. The host parents were very sensitive to helping the kids maintain a good relationship with their mother. One of the host moms helped Emma, who is a preschooler, create a special Mother’s Day card for her mom. The host parents also sent text messages and pictures to Heather regularly while the children were in their care.

Carlie describes Emma as being “very girly”. She enjoys changing her clothes and shoes, and loves playing with dolls. She is energetic and affectionate toward her host family. Emma is tiny but very strong and likes to climb. Anna is a cute, chubby baby. She loves being held and talked to by her host mom.

Recently, Heather and Marie finished their course work for the semester. Emma and Anna are back home now and Marie is taking the summer off to care for them. They are very thankful for the host families who provided such excellent care for the girls over the past several weeks. We are grateful too for your partnership with us as we reach out to families in need.

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Names have been changed and photos are for illustration only
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