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An International Adoption

Sometimes the work of adoption can have worldwide implications. “Mike and Andrea” already had a school-age child when they began the process of adopting an orphan from a foreign country. Unfortunately, “Emma’s” birth mother lived in extreme poverty and did not have the means to care for her. Consequently, Emma went to live with a foster family in her home country.

While wanting for an unusually long time for Emma’s adoption to go through, Andrea found out that she was unexpectedly pregnant. Since Emma’s home country declined to issue exit visas for an extended period of time, her adoptive mom was able to give birth to her second child well in advance of Emma’s release for placement. In the meantime, her foster parents did an excellent job caring for her and teaching her very good manners.

Emma has made a wonderful adjustment to living with her adoptive family. Kate, her adoption caseworker, relates that she likes books and to pretend to cook. She says, “Emma is very social, likes to crawl into her parents’ laps, has a beautiful smile, is very smart and a quick learner.” Mike and Andrea’s older daughter likes being a big sister and enjoys spending time with Emma. Their younger son thinks Emma is a wonderful playmate and they have great fun playing fetch with the family dog.

Mike is a businessman but makes time with his family a very high priority. Andrea does not work out of the home and loves being a mom. Kate says they are both very easy going and put their children’s needs first. They are really excited to finally be altogether as a family.

We are grateful for the privilege of coming alongside families in their desire to adopt a child either from the community or in some cases from halfway around the world. We so appreciate your standing with us in our work on behalf of many little ones in need.

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