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Intact Families Helps a Mother With Drug Problems

We are always encouraged when one of our client families turns a corner and begins to make positive changes in their lives. “Samantha” has had a very difficult past which led her to begin using drugs to relieve her painful memories. She gave birth to a substance exposed infant which brought her family to the attention of the state department. Then the family’s case was referred to ECFA’s Intact Family Services Program.

Amanda, the family’s case manager, reported that little had changed after she started working with Samantha. After giving birth to her fourth child, Samantha had a couple more relapses and began using drugs again. Her substance abuse also negatively affected her older children as well. When it was discovered that Samantha was again pregnant, there was even greater concern about the health of her unborn child.

Finally, Samantha agreed to enter an in-patient treatment program for drug abuse. She successfully completed the program and readily began participating in out-patient services. Samantha relates that she is glad she went for treatment and that ECFA was there to be supportive of her on her road to recovery. Fortunately, her husband is able to provide for the family on his income and so Samantha can remain home to parent their children. All of the kids are doing well at school now as well as in the home.

Amanda says that Samantha is a very friendly, kind, and soft-spoken person. After several months of sobriety, she is gaining confidence in herself and her ability to be a good wife and mother. She plans to return to school to earn a GED and would like to reenter the workforce in the future. She is very grateful for the support she has from her mother, husband, and other family members.

We are very pleased with Samantha’s healthy attitude and the progress she has made in treatment. It is also our prayer that she grows as a person emotionally and spiritually. We so appreciate your partnership with us as we reach out to adults, children and families who have critical needs in their lives.

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