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Pregnancy Support Services
Helps a Family of Immigrants

“Elizabeth” and “Thomas” feel very fortunate to have escaped persecution in their home country to settle in the United States. However, this has meant learning a new language and adapting to a different culture. They came with their young daughter while Elizabeth was pregnant with their second child. Having little in the way of financial resources they called ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) for help after hearing about our services through fellow church members.

Krista from PSS was able to provide encouragement and support for them almost immediately. Thomas is well educated in his home country but now must work a low paying job to support his family. He is working very hard to learn English and to prepare for a licensing exam in his professional field. When their used vehicle broke down, Krista was able to access enough resources through the PSS benevolence fund to assist the family to get their car repaired.

Elizabeth is a stay-at-home mom. She recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Krista was able to provide many infant items to help the family with his needs since they did not bring any baby items with them to the U.S. Krista says that Thomas and Elizabeth are a very gracious and caring couple. Even their little daughter, “Rachel,” likes inviting Krista over for “tea” and enjoys helping with the care of her baby brother.

Krista will continue to be supportive of this young family and offer assistance to them for the next few months. We are grateful for your investment in our services to families and children in need and greatly value your partnership with us.

You can learn more about Pregnancy Support Services on our website. To invest financially in the work of ECFA, you can use the PayPal button below. For other ways you can support ECFA, please see our Giving page.


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