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Safe Families Helps a Homeless Family

When children and families fall upon hard times, the Safe Families for Children Program is there to help. “Mark” and “Diane” are a married couple with a little boy, “Tony”. They were both employed and had a savings plan for their own place. However, due to some very difficult circumstances, they both lost their jobs and ended up living with Tony in their family car.

They heard of the Safe Families Program and inquired about a temporary host family for Tony. Unfortunately, Mark had a run-in with the law, was arrested and put in jail. Diane continued to live in their car while still looking for work. As sincere Christians, the host family devoted a lot of time to building a relationship with the family. They supported the parents without judgement, took Diane to food pantries, and offered to drive her to women’s shelters.

The host family has done a remarkable job of caring for Tony as well. He has ADHD (hyperactivity) and learning delays. The host parents enrolled him in school and helped to get him an individualized educational plan (IEP) and speech therapy. They have also helped facilitate weekly visits for Tony with his mother.

Tony’s caseworker, Carlie, describes him as being “a super loving, sweet little boy, with a flair for drama.” He greatly enjoys being the center of attention in the host family’s home. Carlie also has given Diane referrals for housing. She now is working and saving for a suitable apartment. Mark is due to be released from jail and the family hopes to reunite soon.

We greatly appreciate your investment in the services of the agency. It is because of your financial partnership that we can offer hope and healing to individuals and families in need. Learn more about Safe Families for Children. To invest financially in the work of ECFA, you can use the PayPal button below. For other ways you can support ECFA, please see our Giving page.


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