We need caring, willing, and reliable people to join our Volunteer Team. Volunteers have been the lifeblood of ECFA since its inception in 1950. Every act of volunteer service, no matter how small, is important to us and to the children and families we serve.

How can you help?
  • Come to our office and serve as an evening receptionist.
  • Meet new friends and help with mailings at the office.
  • Spread the news about us. Invite our staff to give a presentation at your church or group.
  • Drive your pick-up truck to transport our recyclable paper to the paper plant.
  • Take part in our fundraising events by participating or helping.
  • Offer your ideas for serving. We will be glad to listen.

With your help, we can bring about positive change in people’s lives and transformation in our community. Call 630-653-6400 for more information!

ECFA is an independent evangelical Christian agency licensed by the State of Illinois and accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Children and Families. ECFA is a member of the National Association of Christian Child and Family Agencies. It is a faith-based agency affiliated with the National Association of Evangelicals. Please read our Statement of Faith.