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ECFA can provide referrals to adoption-experienced attorneys who provide their services to adoptive families.

Emotional/Psychological Wellness
In some instances, ECFA may make a referral for a mental health assessment.

Applicants must be able to live within their income and demonstrate the ability to meet the financial needs of any child(ren) in their home.  Applicants should be adequately insured (i.e. health, life medical, auto).

Medical examinations are required of each person living in the home.  Applicants must be in good general health so as to assure their physical capacity to care for children.  Physical limitations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Housing must meet State of Illinois minimum standards (see Rule 402).

Married applicants are required to be married for a minimum of two years.

Since ECFA is an evangelical Christian agency, adoptive applicants need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be actively involved in a protestant evangelical church.  It is also expected that prospective adoptive applicants agree with ECFA's Christian Lifestyle Guidelines.  Applicants who have denominational agencies to serve them are encouraged to work with those agencies.

ECFA serves families within a 60 mile radius from our Wheaton, Illinois office.

ECFA requires a minimal level of openness is all cases.  Higher levels of openness depend upon each party's preferences.