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Ron: Ron is an electrical engineer and writes software for a living. He enjoys reading, long walks, and biking.

Sonya: Sonya is trained as an RN but is happy to be a stay-at-home Mom and homemaker. She enjoys cooking, reading, crafts, walking and biking.

Anna: Anna joined our family through adoption shortly after her birth in September 2013. She is a happy toddler who loves animals, toys, books, people and being outside as much as possible.

Together we are seeking to adopt another child and to share and multiply the love, fun, and adventure that we experience as a family.

Dear Expecting Parent,

We are Ron, Sonya, and Anna and we thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider us as a potential adoptive family for your child. We have been unable to have our own children but are excited at the opportunity to grow our family again through adoption. Although we can’t understand everything that you are going through, we know that you are facing difficult choices and decisions and we pray that God will lead you and give you peace as you go.

So, let us tell you a bit about ourselves…
Our story together began in 2004 after we met through an online singles website. At the time, we were living in different states and so we began a long-distance relationship. Within a year, we were married and making our home together in the Chicago suburbs. After eleven years together, we still enjoy the love, friendship and adventure of marriage.

Ron is a Chicago suburbanite born and raised. He grew up watching the Cubs, playing basketball and tennis. He developed a love of long-distance running in early adulthood. Although he’s slowed down a little since then, he still enjoys long walks as well as reading and singing. He has a degree in electrical engineering and works as a software engineer.

Sonya was born and raised in Canada. She grew up with a love for reading, dolls, and playing house. As a little girl, she imagined two things for her adult life – being a nurse and being a wife and mother. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing, she enjoyed working as a geriatric nurse before marriage. Currently, she loves being a stay-at-home mom to Anna and enjoys cooking, reading, singing, all sorts of crafts, and biking.

We always hoped to have children and talked about adoption even before we were married. After two ectopic pregnancies, we felt God calling us to seriously consider adoption as the way to grow our family. So Anna joined our family shortly after her birth in 2013. She is a happy toddler with a smile for everyone and loves books, long walks and bike rides, and playing outside whenever possible. She has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives and we believe that she will make a great big sister.

We look forward to adding another child to our family. We love and follow Jesus Christ and hope that our children will do the same. To that end, we are teaching Anna and will teach your child about God’s saving love shown in Jesus. We will also teach your child about your love for them. We hope for an open relationship with you and will respect your wishes about what that will look like.

We thank you again for taking the time to read our profile. We pray for you God’s peace and blessings on this journey that you are on.

We are home-bodies in many ways. We enjoy spending time together at home and aren’t always on the go. But here are some things that we enjoy doing and experiences we’ve had that we’d love to share with your child:

  • Long walks exploring the Chicago Botanical Gardens, the Chicago Lake Front Trail, Navy Pier, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and our local neighborhood. We also enjoy riding our bikes and, as the children grow, we hope to make bike trips on the Illinois Prairie Path, the Lake Front Trail, and others a regular part of our weekends.
  • Cooking – Sonya enjoys cooking, trying new foods and recipes, and finding creative, exciting, and healthy ways to feed the family. She also enjoys using cooking skills to help others, bringing meals to new mothers and sick families at church. She remembers cooking and baking with her Mom as a regular part of life growing up and hopes to share similar experiences with her children. And Ron enjoys being a test-taster and will happily share that experience with the kids too!
  • Visiting family and friends in Canada and North Carolina – Sonya’s family lives in Canada and we enjoy car trips to visit them a couple of times a year. Ron’s sister and her family live in North Carolina and we’ve also driven down there a few times to visit with them. These road trips draw us closer together as a family as we talk in the car and explore the country together. They are also good times with extended family.
  • Singing – We both love to sing! Ron leads a time of singing before the service starts at our church and Sonya sings with the worship team. Sonya is also one of those people that you’ll see singing their hearts out in the car! We enjoy singing with Anna as well, who really enjoys music so far, and we look forward to singing with a new family member as well.
  • Worshipping our Savior – Our faith in Jesus is important to us! We are members of and involved in a church in the Chicago suburbs. We plan to teach any children God gives us about His saving love shown in Jesus Christ and we will pray that faith becomes theirs as well.