August 2022 Donation Letter

As a Christian faith-based agency, we are privileged at ECFA to assist young moms facing unplanned pregnancies, children of all ages find loving adoptive homes, families struggling with all sorts of problems stay together, and individuals and families dealing with emotional and relational issues find healthy ways of resolving their challenges.

“Rachel” is middle aged woman who had experience a difficult home life as a child growing up. Her father was emotionally abusive and her mother was too preoccupied with the other children in the family to meet Rachel’s most pressing needs. Consequently, she has dealt with feelings of abandonment and depression most of her life. After 20 years of marriage, and raising two sons, she and her husband divorced. She decided to live with her older son’s family for a period of time but tension arose in the home when she was no longer welcomed by her daughter-in-law.

What hurt Rachel the most was the estrangement she experienced from her two adult sons. She deeply missed seeing her grandchildren and being involved in their lives. As a two-time cancer survivor, she decided to seek counseling with an ECFA therapist in hopes of reconciling with her family. Fortunately, she found a very supportive church where she has been helped to heal and feel affirmed.

In counseling Rachel was able to address her unresolved feelings about the losses in her life. Over time, her son and daughter-in-law agreed to join her for family sessions. After some difficult conversations, they were able to work through many hurt feelings and improve their communication and relationships with one another.  They have reconciled and are now enjoying being together again.

We consider it a critical ministry to assist individuals and families with professional and biblically based counseling services. We appreciated your partnership in our work with children and adults in need.

Yours for the children and families,

Ken Withrow, LCSW

Executive Director

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