Considering Adoption?

You have the right to be informed about your choices so that you can make the very best decision for you and your baby. There is no cost and no pressure. We’re here to help

One Call: Our professional, caring staff is here to listen to you. Calling and setting up an appointment does not solidify a decision for adoption, it simply means we are here for you.

Adoption Process: Adoption is a loving option for a child. Here are some of the steps that your worker will walk through with you:

  • Decision-making support
  • Choosing your baby’s adoptive family
  • Meeting the family
  • Planning for your delivery
  • Deciding the level of openness you want with the adoptive family
  • Preparing for the range of emotions in adoption
  • Post-adoption support/counseling for up to 1-year post delivery

Looking Toward the Future: ECFA is here for you. Your worker will assist you in completing goals for your future. These may include finding housing, building a career, maintaining healthy relationships, or creating additional support systems.

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