It is with deep gratitude to many of you, and thanks to God that we bring
you a few highlights of this year’s online Benefit Auction.  Well over 100
people registered to participate and bid on nearly 120 items. Our results
were further enhanced by the many people who simply sent us gifts in
support of the event, with many being received prior to the event even

By the time it was over, we had been blessed with more than $50,000 in
total donations and winning bids.  Part of that total amount included
donations to the spot auction, which allowed us to secure the $10,000
in matching funds and attain our goal of $25,000 to purchase a
desperately needed minivan.

The theme of this year’s auction, “A Celebration of His Goodness”,
continues to be our refrain as we share God’s love, hope and healing with those we are privileged to serve.  Even in these challenging times, we choose to focus on the multitude of things for which we have to be thankful.
Pandemic or not, God’s love, provision, and mercy is constant…God is good
all the time.