A Family Adopts Three Children

We have been privileged to place a sibling group of three children from out of state into one of our waiting adoptive families. Each of these children was living in a separate foster home and it was wonderful to see them reunite into one family. Their adoption social worker, Joyanna, said that both the adoptive parents and the children have done great in adjusting to their new living situation.
The adoptive parents have handled the challenges of caring for each child very well. Fortunately, the previous caseworker has stayed involved to help the transition go smoothly. Because the children are school age, they were given the option of choosing their names on their birth new certificates. Each child decided on the last name of their new family.
The two boys are very active and enjoy playing sports, especially basketball. They like going to Cubs and Bears games with their dad. They also enjoy playing Legos and games together. Joyanna says the older boy is outgoing, creative, and has a remarkable imagination. The younger brother is very curious, full of questions, and very sweet and affectionate. The middle child is “all girl” according to Joyanna. She likes dolls, fashion, shopping with her mom, and loves to read.
The adoptive couple is new to parenting having had no biological children. They are both very successful in the business world, very friendly, sociable, and have adjusted beautifully to their parenting roles. They greatly enjoy traveling with the children and exposing them to new things. They have benefitted from family counseling and have provided each of the children with individual counseling as well, especially during the early adjustment period.
We are very grateful for your partnership with us as we seek good Christian parents for children in need stability and nurturing in their young lives.
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