A Family Finds a Safe Home

We are serving many families through our Intact Family Services program who are either homeless or near eviction. “Darcy” is the mother of two young children. She felt the need to live with her boyfriend partially due to her economic situation. However, he became physically abusive towards the boys. The hospital that treated their injuries made a report which led to a referral for ECFA services for the family.

Darcy’s caseworker, Carlie, assisted her in obtaining an order of protection against the boyfriend. She left the home with the boys with only the clothes on their backs and moved temporarily to a hotel. ECFA assisted the mom with clothes, shoes and toys for the children. Darcy was referred for counseling which has helped her improve her self-esteem and to begin to develop healthier relationships with others.

Darcy found a job in a warehouse working the night shift so she can be home with her boys in the mornings. She was able to reconnect with her cousin’s family who are willing to have her and her children live with them. Carlie describes Darcy as being personable and outgoing. She has made a lot of progress over the past several months and has gained confidence in her ability to care for her children. She has felt safe and very supported by ECFA services.

Carlie says that the boys are no longer living in fear. They are much happier and normally active. They enjoy running around together and playing with one another. Carlie is assisting Darcy with the enrollment fee for daycare. Through the generosity of several donors, ECFA will provide the boys with Christmas presents which they would not have received otherwise this year.

We are grateful for the funds and resources we receive to help families like Darcy’s throughout the year, but especially at Christmas. We are also very appreciative of your investment and partnership with us! You can find out more about ECFA’s Intact Family Services on our website.

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