A Family Learns Parenting Skills

We regularly receive referrals to provide services to parents who are at risk of having their children removed from their care due to founded reports of child abuse or neglect. These families may need substance abuse treatment, counseling for domestic violence, help with mental health issues, or other concerns.
One such case came to us indicating a father for physically abusing his young son. There is also a history of domestic violence in the home. Our Intact Family Services case manager, Justin, was able to effectively engage the family in services and over time we saw remarkable changes take place.
The father became highly motivated to attend weekly sessions to address the domestic violence issues. Unfortunately, this was part of his own history as a child growing up and all too common in his culture. Both parents became involved in parent coaching and learned how to appropriately and safely manage their children’s behavior.
As a Christian couple, the parents pursued marriage group counseling through their church. Although both the dad and the mom are working professionals, they have greatly needed intervention and assistance in learning how to be effective and nurturing parents to their two young children.
It is delightful to see how well the family is doing now. Their older son is highly energetic and soaks up attention. He loves playing soccer and his favorite part of his school day is recess. We greatly appreciate your partnership with us as we assist families in need get on the right track and stay together.
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