A Single Mom Gets Help

“Angela” is a single mom with three boys. She endured domestic violence in past relationships and two of her children have special needs. “Tony” is in middle school. He has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. “Trent” is early school age and has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. “Austin” is just entering school this year and has no known special needs.
The family was referred to ECFA’s Intact Family Services due to a report of neglect. Trent was exceptionally underweight and appeared mal nourished. To make matters worse, Angela lost her residence and became homeless. Fortunately, her ECFA case manager was able to secure housing for the family through a family reunification program.

Although Angela was extremely resistant to help at first, she found that the agency’s case managers were really there to assist and support her through a time of crisis. She received parent coaching and help through a coordination of care program for children with special needs that includes in-home nursing care. With improved nutrition Trent has been gaining weight. All the boys have become stabilized and are prepared for school. Angela is now procuring repairs for her son’s wheelchair and a vehicle with a lift.

Angela has begun an in-home business which has created income for the family. Her ECFA case manager, Lauren, relates that she has become empowered to improve her life circumstances and accept responsibility to see that her boys’ needs are met. Lauren has encouraged her spiritually as well and Angela is planning to involve her children at a local church.

Lauren says that Angela has become much more outgoing, determined, resilient, and has a wonderful sense of humor. The boys all are sweet tempered. They enjoy being together, like to learn new things, and love attention. Thank you for your interest in ECFA. We greatly appreciate your standing with us in our work with needy children and families in the community. To invest financially in the work of ECFA,  please see our Giving page.