A Young Teen Needs Counseling

“Maria” is a caring and responsible young high school student who has been caught up in a very difficult family situation. Out of necessity her mother works nights leaving Maria in charge of her younger siblings. Unfortunately, her father has a history of alcohol abuse and has been verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive of the children at times when Maria’s mom has been away at work.
Maria felt the need to report what was happening in the home to protect her family. She began seeing her ECFA counselor, Julie, for assistance in dealing with her resulting fears and anxiety. Julie has helped her understand how abusive drinking affects the family so that she became less nervous in giving her testimony in court about what had taken place in the home.
As a result, her father has been required to take parenting, substance abuse, and anger management classes. Maria now feels more confident and assured that her coming forward not only has protected her younger siblings, but also has helped her father get the support he needs to deal with the problems he is facing.
Julie says that Maria is a resilient, introspective, and mature teenager who is quite sensitive to the feelings of others. She is polite, respectful, and a good student. She does well in setting boundaries and avoiding the drama that sometimes goes on in her peer group. She has a strong desire to develop healthy relationships with others who take responsibility for their own decisions.
We are encouraged by how well Maria has used her counseling time with Julie and to see her make good choices. We appreciate your partnership as we reach out to teens and parents with significant needs in their lives.
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