An ECFA Counselor Serves a Young Mom

Probably one of the most challenging situations to be in these days is that of a single mother. “Anita” struggled for many years trying to keep it together for herself and her two children. After her separation, the older son went to live with his father and Anita moved into her mother’s home with her younger daughter. Because of a history of clinical depression, she was referred to ECFA’s Counseling Program. Her therapist, Arnold, recalled how overwhelmed she had been with trying to meet her responsibilities and settle disagreements over the parenting of her child with her mother.

After some time in counseling, Anita began to address the difficulties and troubles in her life. She changed her job allowing her to have more time to parent her daughter. She works in food service but really wants to pursue a career in cosmetology. Consequently, she began taking courses at a local junior college so she could begin to advance in the work world. She takes prescribed medication to help her feel emotionally balanced and has joined a health club to get regular exercise.

Anita is a woman of Christian faith and attends church with her daughter and sometimes brings her son. Arnold relates that she has become much more outgoing and socially engaging. She has improved her parenting skills and truly loves and cares for her children. Anita is taking initiative to make needed changes. The communication with her mother is better and they have an improved family life.
We are glad to be there for Anita and for other young moms like her who need support and guidance in their lives. Your partnership enables us to reach out and care for many hurting children and parents in our community.

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