Counseling Michael And His Family

“Michael” and “Becky” both came from Christian faith-based families. It was especially difficult for their children when they separated and ultimately divorced. Becky retained custody of the children and Michael became the parent the kids visited. Later, Michael remarried which caused even more hurt feelings and conflict among the children.

Family tensions continued to build especially when Michael’s new wife entered the picture. Consequently, Michael decided that he and the children needed family counseling to help them work through their problems. Their ECFA counselor, Julie, assisted “Cameron”, “Tony”, and “Sarah” learn how to voice their feelings to their dad in appropriate ways instead of burying them or acting them out in anger.

Julie helped Michael learn how to listen to his children with empathy, and explain to them why things happened the way they did, and in a way they could understand. Julie says the kids really love their dad and he dearly loves them as well. Michael has had to learn how to balance his relationships with his children and his new wife so that they each feel supported.

Cameron has taken on the role of the good kid and family mediator. Tony tends to be impulsive which gets him into trouble at times, but he is also tenderhearted. Sarah is sensitive and very accepting and caring of others. Julie has helped the family focus on their strengths as well as deal with their hurts. We are grateful for your support of our work and intervention with distressed families who face troubling times.