Counseling Through Play Therapy

           “Brittney” is a very pretty little girl with a vivacious personality. Her mom and dad are both military veterans and responsible Christian parents. However, Brittney’s mom suffers from PTSD and experienced an emotional breakdown in the home. The police were called and had to subdue her. She was hospitalized for a time where she was stabilized. She began receiving counseling support and medication to help her with her symptoms.

            Brittney witnessed what took placed and was very shaken by it. She began having angry outbursts in the home which became very concerning to her parents. They were glad to receive help from ECFA’s Counseling Program. Julie was assigned to the family and began seeing Brittney in play therapy. She helped her learn how to express her feelings and know how to find good ways to calm down when upset. Julie helped Brittney use characters in a doll house to play act and express what is going on inside her emotionally.

            The family as a whole began to develop open communication around what had happened at the time of the mom’s hospitalization. They together have learned different calming strategies that serve them well. As a result, Brittney has become far less anxious and can go about being a little girl and a big sis to her little sister, “Ava”.

            Julie describes Brittney as being very bright, talkative, and engaging. She is also introspective and very thoughtful of others. She has a great imagination, likes to play games, draw with colorful markers, and play with her dolls and doll house. We are so pleased with the progress Brittney and her family have made in counseling and grateful to you for standing with us as we serve children and families in need.