Dave And Karen’s Adoption Story

“Dave” and “Karen” always wanted to have children. After they were married for some time, they found out that they were unable to have a baby biologically. They reached out to ECFA’s Adoption Program for help with a domestic adoption. They were even open to adopt an infant from out-of-state.

One day they received a call from a placement agency located hundreds of miles away. The social worker said that a birth mother was in labor. She had seen their profile and wanted them as the adoptive parents for her child. Dave and Karen made immediate travel arrangements. They hopped in their car and drove throughout the night to be at the hospital.

In the end, this turned out to be an excellent open adoption arrangement. Not only did Dave and Karen meet the birth mother, but also got to know her older daughter as well. The baby was born healthy and full term. Joyanna, the family’s adoption counselor, describes “Emma” to be a darling child. She is playful, curious, smart, affectionate, and very responsive. She especially likes music and bounces to the beat!

Dave is a very open and friendly person. He enjoys fishing and taking his family on trips. Karen is outgoing, kind-hearted, and thoughtful. She really loves children and has decided to be a stay-at-home mom. The family is musically talented, and Dave and Karen serve together on the worship at their church.

Now that some time has passed, Joyanna is very excited that Dave and Karen have returned to ECFA to begin the process of a second adoption. We are so appreciative of your financial support which makes it possible for us to serve families and children that need a forever home.