ECFA Counsels a Senior

It is our privilege to serve children and adults of all ages at ECFA. In recent years we have reached out to seniors and the elderly, especially to those needing supportive counseling while still living in their own homes.
“Emily” was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis as a young woman. She is now an older adult who is able to reside in an independent senior living community. She receives some assistance from a homemaker twice a week and from a county case manager who sees her annually.
Although restricted physically, Emily is able to get around with a walker. She requested in-home counseling to help her with her feelings of anxiety, especially in regard to a recent move she needed to make.
For many years, Emily ran her own catering business. However, over time she has had to learn to accept her limitations. She has a strong desire to live in a community of independent seniors and not simply in a setting of disabled people.
Her ECFA counselor, Julie, has helped Emily maintain her resiliency and make a positive adjustment to her situation. Julie says Emily is a vibrant individual who is very much a people person. She loves life and greatly enjoys the company of others. She does not want to be restricted by her disability. Emily feels very comfortable with ECFA being a Christian agency and takes the opportunity to discuss matters of faith with her counselor.
We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve people from all walks of life and in any stage of life. We are also grateful for your investment in the work we do with those who are experiencing various personal challenges and needs. You can find out more about ECFA’s Counseling Services on our website.
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