ECFA Helps a Family in Need

As we begin a new year, we look back at the services we have provided in the past year and are grateful for the progress that many of our clients have made. “Becky” had been living with an abusive boyfriend. She has one child in middle school, one in elementary school, a pre-school age child, and was expecting a baby when her case was referred to our Intact Family Services Program. Because of her pregnancy, Allison, one of our pregnancy counselors also was called upon to assist her.
Becky has suffered from extreme anxiety due to her living situation. However, she expressed appreciation that ECFA is a Christian faith-based agency and she has been thankful for the many services and resources that she has received. We are pleased to report that she had a very healthy baby boy and has worked hard to make positive changes in her life. She left her abusive boyfriend and with the assistance of her Intact Family Services caseworker, Justin, she was able to move to much nicer and safer neighborhood. Justin also helped her obtain appropriate day care services so that she could return to work in the medical field.
Justin made a referral through Sharing Connections and was able to procure furniture for Becky’s apartment. Allison has been providing counseling and other helpful services for her and her family. Through SIDS of Illinois, she was also able to obtain a new Pack ‘n Play for her. Allison describes Becky as being quiet and reserved, but she also is a very nurturing mom and a strong advocate for her children. She always puts their needs before her own.
We are glad to see how well Becky’s kids have adjusted to their new school this year. They are involved in sports and other healthy activities. We are also grateful for your partnership with us as we reach out to many young parents and children in need.
We appreciate your investment in our work so we can extend Christian love to those who need it most. To invest financially in the work of ECFA, you can use the PayPal button below. For other ways you can support ECFA, please see our Giving page.