ECFA Helps a Single Mother

“Amy” is a young, single mom with two small children. Growing up in a very rough neighborhood, she has lived through several traumatic experiences. She had been repeatedly bullied at school, had a close friend who died unexpectedly, and witnessed her brother’s death in a drive-by shooting.
Her preschool age son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and Amy had difficulty knowing how to deal with his medical condition. She was referred to our family counselor, Julie, for support and guidance. Julie helped her gain awareness and a sense of confidence in relating to the medical professionals who are treating her son. Amy attended a class designed to help her learn about childhood diabetes. She now has a much better understanding of proper nutrition and how best to take care of “Tony”.
Julie has been helping Amy work through her feelings of unresolved grief over her brother’s untimely death. Amy also has plans for the future to find employment and to get settled in an independent living arrangement.
Julie describes Amy as being very quiet and soft-spoken. She is a loving and caring mom who is very devoted to her children. Tony is a bright child and is looking forward to going to kindergarten next year. Amy takes very good care of both her children and Julie says that they are always clean, well dressed and well cared for.
Presently, Amy and her children live with relatives. She looks to her great-grandmother for spiritual support and is growing in her faith as a young woman. We are privileged to come alongside families who are in need of encouragement and support. And we greatly appreciate your investment in our work and ministry to young parents and children in need.
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