ECFA Helps a Young Mom

“Jennifer” was referred to ECFA by a hospital staff member who knew she needed support during her pregnancy. Jennifer is a young mom with two small children. Since she did not feel prepared to care for another little one she chose adoption for her baby.

Jennifer developed a very good relationship with Allison, her Pregnancy Support Services counselor at ECFA, as well as with the adoptive family she chose for her baby. With Allison’s help, she enrolled in a GED program. She has a strong work ethic and maintains stable employment. Allison assisted Jennifer in developing a budget that she carefully follows.

Allison also assisted Jennifer in working through a parenting curriculum which aided her in the parenting of her two young children. Allison describes Jennifer as a loving, attentive mom who is kind and sweet and cares for others.

Jennifer has several goals including attending college, working in the business field, and also owning her own home. She has a Christian faith background and would like to become involved in a local church community once her schedule allows.

The child she placed is doing very well in her adoptive family and is an absolute joy to her adoptive parents. Jennifer stays in touch with them and they are very supportive of her.

We feel privileged to come alongside many young women like Jennifer who come from very difficult situations. We are happy to provide counseling and support throughout their pregnancies, continuing for several months after the birth of the baby. We so appreciate your support as we provide these expectant moms with counseling and many practical services, aiding in their plan to parent or place for adoption.

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