Guiding Sarah Through Parenting

“Sarah” first came to ECFA several months ago having been referred to our Intact Family Services Program. She has a history of past traumas and was a victim of domestic violence. As a young mom with two small children, she also experienced a time of homelessness. She became pregnant with her third child and was in need of many supportive services.

Julie began offering Sarah case management assistance through ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Services. She provided her with a deposit for day care for the children, access to a reliable vehicle, parenting education, and help in accessing a number of community services.

Over time, Sarah has made significant improvements. She is now working and has an income. She has a two bedroom apartment for her family. She has gained confidence in her parenting ability and keeps a tidy home environment.

Julie describes Sarah as being an intelligent, delightful, and caring person. She is very likeable, creative, and resilient. She is receptive of any assistance that is offered and is appreciative of practical things given to her such as diapers, wipes, and other baby items.

Sarah’s children are all doing well. Her young daughter is very friendly, bubbly and engaging. Her preschool aged son loves to be held and cuddled. Her youngest is very sweet baby and is developmentally on target.

We are thankful that despite the emotional trauma that Sarah has experienced in the past, she is now functioning as a nurturing mother. She has a positive outlook and wants the best for her children. We are also very grateful for your interest and investment in our work so that we can serve parents and young ones in need.