Intact Family Services Helps Emily

“Emily” is from a different culture and grew up experiencing strict discipline in her family. As a conscientious mother of a school aged son and a young daughter, she wanted her children to be well disciplined as she was. Upon hearing reports about “Andrew’s” inattention and misbehavior in school, she resorted to spanking him severely with a belt. School personnel saw marks and bruises, and as mandatory reporters notified DCFS.
Emily was required to leave the family’s home for an extended period of time and DCFS referred the case to ECFA’s Intact Family Services Program. The children were left in the care of a responsible family member. Emily’s case manager, Maggie, came to understand the circumstances of the situation and referred Emily for necessary services.
Over time, Emily developed trust in Maggie and was willing to follow all of her recommendations. She attended and completed counseling sessions, parenting classes, and took part in a parenting support group. The counseling she received was therapeutic and healing. Her relationship with her son has been repaired and she was allowed to return home.
Maggie describes Emily as being very hard working, soft-spoken, kind, engaging and open to learning. She wants to grow personally and spiritually. Andrew is outgoing, highly social, and loves attention. Maggie says he is a terrific brother and carefully looks after his little sister. He is always smiling and keeps a neat appearance.
We are happy to see Emily and children reunited and doing so well. We are also grateful for your investment in our work with families in need.