Intact Family Services Teaches Parenting Skills

We know that children thrive in a wholesome family environment where there is affection, nurturing, and loving discipline. Kids need a healthy family structure to feel safe, secure, and a sense of belonging. ECFA family counselors and case managers often see young adults who lack adequate parenting skills because they have never learned how to be a good mom or dad from their own parents.
“Amanda” has two preschoolers and a baby. Sadly, she has abused drugs in the past which brought her to the attention of the child welfare authorities. Her family was referred to ECFA a couple of months ago and she began to work with her ECFA counselor, Julie. From the first visit to the home, Julie saw that the boys were out of control and acting wild. They were oppositional to their mother who disciplined them harshly out of feelings of frustration.
Julie immediately began working with Amanda and the boys on establishing basic rules for healthy family functioning. They are learning how to sit down and listen, not interrupt adults, control their anger, to be safe, kind to one another, and honest. Julie says that there has been marked improvement in the boys’ behavior. The oldest, “Tony”, went from being upset and angry at his mother to saying to her, “You are a pretty good mom.”
Amanda has a tender heart and really wants to learn how to be a good parent. She has complied with drug treatment and is following her aftercare program. She and the boys are engaged in counseling with Julie and look forward to her visits to their home.
We are grateful for the opportunity to serve families in our community and greatly appreciate your investment in our work with young parents and kids in need.
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