Parenting Coaching Lisa and Mario With Intact Family Services

“Lisa” and “Mario” are a young couple with two small children. Their daughter is somewhat shy but very sweet. She is smart little girl who is already bilingual. She is well behaved and enjoys playing with other children. Her younger brother was born with a debilitating birth defect and needed surgery. He currently wears braces that help correct his orthopedic needs. The hospital staff suspected that he was being medically neglected and made a report to DCFS.

Upon investigation, the report was unfounded but the family was referred to ECFA for supportive services. Lam is the case manager who has been working with the family for several months. Lisa and Mario are being responsive to her and are taking full advantage of the help that she is giving them.

Lisa has benefitted from parenting coaching and has become a patient and nurturing mother. Mario is a hard worker and is doing his best to provide for his family. They are both very appreciative of the services that are being provided to their family. Lam is helping them find suitable housing since they are now living in a very small basement apartment. They are hoping to move into their new place soon.

Lisa and Mario are committed to their family and to their children. Since they have a Christian faith-based background, we would like to encourage them to join a caring church community to address their family’s spiritual needs.  We also appreciate your partnership with us as we reach out to needy kids and parents in the community.