PSS Helps A Single Mother

ECFA Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) Supervisor, Faith Allman, recounted the following story about one of the young women being served in the PSS Program:
As a single mother of a school-aged child, ‘Tabitha’ knew when the pregnancy test was positive, she would need to make some difficult decisions. Finances and space were already tight in her apartment. She wondered how she could manage with a new baby.
When Tabitha began to work with Amanda, her PSS worker, Tabitha was feeling overwhelmed and unsure how she could make parenting work. Amanda provided education and counseling and Tabitha began to feel confident that she could provide for her family through hard work and community resources.
When Tabitha’s baby was born, it was soon discovered that she had a major medical complication. This has demanded a lot of Tabitha and she was at times, worn out. However, she continued pushing forward so that she could be the best mom for her children
While working with Amanda, Tabitha developed great goals for herself and her family, including locating housing that allowed sufficient space for her growing family. She is also pursuing different employment and establishing healthier relationships. Amanda says that Tabitha is one of the hardest working people she knows and is confident she will be a great success!
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