Today’s Adoption Story

Leitha is a single adoptive mom who says she always sensed God directing her to adopt children for another country. Two of her childhood friends came from Poland and Croatia. ECFA adoption supervisor Barb Hellmer describes her as being a determined and creative person who laughs easily and has a compassionate heart for children.
Single parenting can be a challenge, but Leitha relies on a strong support system. Although her family does not live close by, she has a wonderful community of close church friends and neighbors. Leitha says that she consistently sees God’s provision for her family through this amazing group of people.
Leitha’s adoptive daughter Bliss is 9 ½ years old. She was adopted from China and has cerebral palsy which required two hip surgeries. She adores her older brother who is also adopted and has special needs. Bliss was initially wary of the family’s two large dogs but now loves and enjoys them.
Bliss likes to draw, read, write stories, bike ride, and go on family walks. She enjoys visiting local merchants, attending cultural events, and even taking horseback riding lessons. Bliss has come such a long way since first being place with her adoptive family. She is thriving in her loving home environment and is just like any other school age girl in her neighborhood.
We are grateful for adoptive parents like Leitha who open their hearts and homes to children in need whether they come from the community or from abroad. We are also thankful for your support which greatly assists us in our work with kids and families.

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