“Tony’s” New Lease on Life

“Tony” had a really rough start in life. Born substance exposed with multiple drugs in his system, he was hospitalized for the first month due to serious symptoms of drug withdrawal. Although he is a little guy, Tony is healthy and a good eater. In addition to having several medical conditions, he needed to wear a special helmet for nine months to help shape his head properly. He continues in physical therapy, developmental therapy, has a nutritionist, and sees an eye doctor regularly for two eye conditions.
Despite having several medical issues, Tony is a normally developing child who has made a strong attachment to his adoptive parents. They say that he is especially fond of his older brother. Tony is easy going, pleasant, giggles a lot, and loves to be cuddled. Little is known about his biological parents, but they picked his adoptive parents out from profiles they had seen of potential adoptive families.
Barb, the family’s adoption worker says that the adoptive parents are a warm, engaging, and a fun couple. They are very sociable and enjoy having company over to their home. They are people of strong faith and want their two adopted children to grow up in a healthy Christian environment. They also are avid sports fans and support their favorite athletic teams. The adoptive mom is very personable and welcoming. Barb relates that the adoptive dad is a “jokester” and has a great sense of humor.
We are grateful for opportunities to place children who come from less than favorable circumstances into families who can nurture and expose them to God’s love. Your partnership means a great deal to us as we look for loving families for young ones in need.

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