ECFA provides a limited number of internships to students who are in a Master’s level program in Social Work, Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, or related fields.

Evangelical Child and Family Agency’s Counseling program is designed to help children, adults, couples, and families who are faced with problems of personal, interpersonal, marital, social, or spiritual adjustment. The program addresses parent/child conflicts, adolescent and teen issues, adoption issues, child abuse, depression, grief, marital conflict, communication problems, etc.

The objectives of the internship program are:

  • To offer the opportunity for students to apply theory to practice
  • To aid the student in learning how to establish and sustain therapeutic relationships with clients
  • To assist the student in learning to think critically and analytically; break down complex issues into manageable parts; and to prioritize issues in problem solving
  • To practice integration of Christian theology with psychologically-based theories and techniques
  • To help the student learn appropriate use of supervision and consultation
  • To provide the student with an understanding of the structure and functioning of a social service agency

These objectives will be accomplished through a combination of the following means. The student will:

  • Be provided the opportunity to meet with selected administrative and professional personnel to learn the Agency’s structure and service delivery
  • Attend the staff in-service training, as available
  • Review program and agency manuals and procedures
  • Participate in staffings and consultations of cases
  • Carry a selected caseload of clients
  • Complete written process recordings weekly and do progress notes and reports
  • Meet with the supervisor on a weekly basis
  • Participate in an evaluation of the field work experience
  • Participate in counseling team meetings and teach at one of the meetings
  • Conduct individual, family, and couple therapy
  • Become familiar with counseling resources such as books and videos
  • Conduct assignments as requested

If you are interested in the Counseling Master’s Level Internship, please contact Ken Withrow at