Oluwatoyin’s Adoption Story

“with God all things are possible”

Adesoji and his wife, Adeola, were still living in their home country of Nigeria and planning their move to the U.S. when they learned the news of young Oluwatoyin being orphaned in 2004. They immediately agreed that it was their destiny to adopt and include her in their growing family.

As the couple continued their immigration plans to America, they were blessed with three biological children but continued to visit Oluwatoyin and remained in contact via phone and FaceTime.

In 2017, ECFA began the home study for the family to bring Oluwatoyin home to her new family. Through many challenges and obstacles, her immigrant visa was finally approved in 2020.

The day that Oluwatoyin finally arrived was a true day of rejoicing for their family! Along with her new parents, she joined her sister, Ayokanmi and brothers, Irebambo and Eyotayo, who embraced their new sister with love.

Says Adesoji, “It was no coincidence that Adeola and I would be the channel through whom God will use to help Oluwatoyin fulfill God’s ordained destiny on earth for her.”