Adoption Story

Leitha is a single adoptive mom who says “I always sensed God directing me to adopt children from another country”. Though single parenting can be a challenge, Leitha states “God has provided a wonderful community of close church friends and neighbors who provide amazing support”.

Leitha’s daughter, Bliss Grayce, was born in China and is 10 years old. Leitha describes her as “creative and a ‘bit sassy’, meaning she likes to be the boss”. Bliss enjoys playing with her dolls, helping to bake and cook, doing Facetime with a friend from her orphanage in China, as well as spending time with her big brother. Paul was born in Haiti and is 15 years old. Leitha describes him as an “extrovert, helpful, very kind, and one who has great wit and a sense of humor.”

Leitha and her children enjoy family activities such as bike riding, driveway chalk drawing, board games, walking their dogs, and making family meals together.

John Paul and Bliss Grayce both have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, but with the love, nurture, and parenting Leitha gives, they challenge themselves to do the best they can to reach their goals. Leitha’s family is a testimony to encourage other single parents to consider adoption.

–Barb Hellmer, Adoption Supervisor