ECFA’s Domestic Infant Program is open to families who meet ECFA’s eligibility criteria for adoption. While not required, families are encouraged to be open to infants of any race/ethnicity, and open to adopt a child whose birth parents may have mental health diagnoses or have had an addiction to drugs/alcohol. ECFA’s other infant adoption program (Agency-Assisted) is continually available and families are encouraged to attend an orientation to learn about both of these programs and how they can work together.

This program’s goal is to provide adoptable infants of varying backgrounds with loving families who may be experiencing infertility and who desire to adopt a child to complete their family. A professionally trained adoption counselor will serve as a guide and advocate by providing your family study, educational requirements, post placement services, and Illinois foster home license as required by the State of Illinois.

The infant adoption program works alongside ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Service program. Birth parents who come to ECFA for pregnancy support services receive free confidential counseling, assistance, and other supportive services. If birth parents choose adoption for their child, they will be able to view profiles of families approved by the infant adoption program. Birth parents then have the opportunity to choose the family they would like to see raise their child.

ECFA provides education to prospective adoptive and birth parents about adoption and openness in adoption. Most birth mothers want to meet the adoptive couple before and/or after the birth of the child. They often prefer to receive letters and pictures on a regular basis. ECFA helps facilitate the relationship between the birth parents and the adoptive parents with the hope that it will be sustained throughout the child’s life.

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