Milka’s Story

Milka was a divorced mother who had three children from different fathers. When she found out she was pregnant with her fourth, she told the father and his first thought was abortion. They saved their money and headed out to a clinic one Saturday. On their way, her sister called to let her know that Milka’s daughter was very sick and that she needed to come home. Milka told her she had an errand to run, not having shared with her family that she was pregnant again. When they hung up, her back tire blew. Milka and the father got out to fix the tire and in the process broke three of the lug nuts. They walked to a nearby tire shop and spent all the money they had saved to fix the tire. It was God’s hand on the little child’s life as they went home with her still pregnant. After the father moved out of the apartment not wanting to have a baby, Milka struggled to provide for herself and her kids and save for the abortion costs. She finally gave in and called her mother as she realized she was going to have yet another child with yet another father. At the time, her mother was living in Illinois and told her to come live with her. Milka packed her bags and she and her children took the long drive from Florida to Illinois with her last paycheck. At her mother’s urging, Milka began looking at profiles of potential parents from adoption agencies where she could place her child once he was born. She eventually gave up when she could not find anyone she felt comfortable placing her baby with. It was at this time that her pastor called and told her about Evangelical Child and Family Agency.

The first parent profiles she looked at revealed a couple who had been trying for years but could not get pregnant. They were active members of their church, had a strong marriage, and had already tried, unsuccessfully, to adopt on a number of occasions. After Milka did the one on one with the couple, she felt solidified that this was the best decision for her child. It was hard for Milka to give up her baby, but she knew at the end that it was best for him and her current family. She was struggling to put food on the table, pulling double and triple shifts. The adoptive parents honored her by naming the little boy a similar name to what she had picked out. They send her letters about once a year around his birthday, with updates on how he is doing. Milka says that she has “no doubt in my mind that (God) knew that (the couple) were going to be the perfect parents for (my baby). I just hope he sees my sacrifice and knows that because I loved him, I did this.”

Pictured top right: Milka and her husband, Juan.

Pictured bottom left: Milka’s two children, David & Esther.

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