Ruth’s Story

Ruth first heard of ECFA through a friend at work. She and her husband were expecting their third child when he learned that he must leave the country until his work visa would be renewed. Consequently, Ruth was left alone to provide for her two young children while preparing for the baby to arrive.

Her ECFA pregnancy counselor, Keren, came alongside Ruth and assisted her throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. Since her young school age son was having difficulty adjusting to the absence of his father, Keren arranged for him to receive supportive counseling from an ECFA therapist. Keren also provided Ruth with emotional, spiritual and practical support. She often prayed with her and was able to obtain a number of baby items including a bassinet, pack n’ play, and a high chair.

Keren helped Ruth cope with the stress and anxiety she was feeling, and to improve her ability to parent her children. She describes her as being a very warm and engaging person who has a strong Christian faith. She has become the main provider for her children and has come to rely on prayer, time reading the Bible, and her church family.

Keren relates many answers to prayer. Ruth’s baby was born healthy and has been meeting all his developmental milestones. Her husband obtained a work visa and was able to be reunited with his family. Their son has adjusted well to learning, and both he and his younger brother are thrilled to have their dad back home.

We are pleased to offer assistance to this family during these troubling times. We are also grateful for your support that enables us to help many children and families in need.