Smart And Powerful Giving

Increase Your Impact Through Planned Gifts

The power of planned giving: Gifts in a will, Non-cash assets, Income for life

Your gifts help Evangelical Child and Family Agency provide hope and healing through compassionate, Christ-centered, quality social services. But did you know….

Planned Gifts offer you smart and creative ways to increase your impact – often while benefiting your family, too.

By understanding the avilable options, you can multiply the end results of your generosity in ways that are simple, flexible, cost-effective and extraodinaily powerfull.

Gifts In A Will

Your will (or trust) is your final act of stewardship and care, a means to purposefully allocate your resources to support the people an causes you hold dear. By including charitable giving in your will, you model to your loved ones a legacy of generosity, and you help ensure that Evangelical Child and Family Agency continues to improve the quality of life for individuals and families, and protect and nurture abused and neglected children.

  • Percentage or Tithe: Many individuals choose to allocate a certain percentage of their estate toward charity, sometimes dividing this amount among multiple organizations. Some specifically designate 10 percent of their estate toward Kingdom causes, wishing to reinforce to their families the biblical concept of tithing
  • Child Named Charity: Some families choose to add a “child named Charity” to their will or trust. By this method, for example, if a couple had four chiller, each of the four children would receive 1/5 of their estate, and the remaining 1/5 would go toward the couple’s favorite Christian Charities.

Non-Cash Assets

Most charitable gifts are in the form of cash because this is so familiar, but this is probably not the most cost-effective way for you to give. You may be able to increase your potential impact – and experience significant tax benefits – by giving non-cash assets. Examples of non-cash assets include, but are not limited to,:

  • Stock or marketable securities
  • Real estate
  • Business interests
  • Farm commodities
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Tangible personal property

Income for Life

Lifetime income agreements are wonderful solutions for Christians who wish to give in a substantial way, but are concerned about retirement income. You can gift cash or other property, and receive steady income for the rest of your life (or a designated number of years). The remainder will go to benefit Evangelical Child and Family Agency.

Key Benefits of Income for Life

  • Secure income payments for life
  • Give assets that you no longer need or care to manage (such as rental property or vacation homes) to benefit God’s Kingdom
  • Receive income tax deduction at the time of your gift
  • Reduced capital gains tax when funding your gift with appreciated assets.


We’d love to help you discover smart and powerful ways to increase the impact of your giving. Through our membership with Barnabas Foundation, you have complementary access to trusted, biblically-based consultation with Christian Planners.

  • Understand the options available to you, in a way that is clear and easy to comprehend
  • Ensure your will reflects your family and charitable goals
  • Give stock, real estate, commodities or other non-cash gifts while reducing your taxes
  • make gifts that provide your family with retirement income for life
  • Estalish a Stewards Fund (donor-advised fund) account to streamline and simplify your giving.

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