Julie Sellers, MA, AMFT

Julie Sellers has a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Wheaton College. As a therapist, she works with individuals, couples, and families. Julie feels that building relationships is an important part of the therapeutic process and strives to connect with all clients in a meaningful way. Her background as an elementary teacher and parent enhances her ability to work with children and families as they struggle with parenting issues, academic performance, and family difficulties. Julie feels that her experience in the classroom brings a unique perspective to families who may be struggling with their children’s success in the school system. She is also passionate about supporting teachers and school staff members.

As an adoptive parent, Julie brings her experience with the impact of infertility, adoptive family challenges, and multicultural issues, to her work as a therapist. In addition to families with children, she is interested in life transitions that impact the family later in life. She is especially interested in the impact of aging parents on the extended family system. She is part of the ECFA Good Transitions program that provides educational and counseling support to those who live in Senior Living Communities. Her work with seniors involves grief and loss issues, adjusting to dementia, stress relief, caregiver support and mediation of family difficulties. Julie is also certified as a Prepare/Enrich premarital counselor.

When asked about counseling, Julie states, “Counseling offers the individual, couple, or family the opportunity to explore the concerns or difficulties that they are experiencing in their lives. Once those concerns are explored, the guidance given in therapy can lead to emotional healing for the individual. Building a good therapeutic relationship can help clients to create new patterns of communication, develop new ways of thinking, and help find new energy in their lives, so that as individuals, couples, or families they can overcome the concerns or difficulties that have brought them to counseling.”

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