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Adoption through ECFA

Evangelical Child and Family Agency is a pro-life, non-profit agency that provides high-quality adoption services to the Evangelical Christian community. We have trained, licensed social workers who will be with you throughout your jouney offering encouragement and support. We believe that together we can make a difference in the lives of children, both domestically and… Read more »


Reflections on Oluwatoyin’s adoption into our family….. “There is no doubt in our minds that Oluwatoyin’s adoption was divinely ordained. Every time we reflect on her coming to our home and family in the United States, we acknowledge the power of Almighty God in using us (her aunt and uncle) to become her adoptive parents…. Read more »

Pregnancy Support Services

The Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) program considers it a great honor to work alongside women, couples, and families as they navigate and unplanned pregnancy or challenges during their pregnancy or after delivery. Our social workers offer life affirming options of parenting or adoption, and provide counsel, education, and support during pregnancy and up to one… Read more »