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August 2022 Donation Letter

As a Christian faith-based agency, we are privileged at ECFA to assist young moms facing unplanned pregnancies, children of all ages find loving adoptive homes, families struggling with all sorts of problems stay together, and individuals and families dealing with emotional and relational issues find healthy ways of resolving their challenges. “Rachel” is middle aged… Read more »

Mentoring Moms

True To Life – Spring 2022 For several months during 2020 and 2021, our volunteer translator Rebecca was able to work with our Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) social worker Julie and her client Katie* (not her real name) while Katie was pregnant with her third child. Katie is from another country and was in English… Read more »

Counseling Services

ECFA Counselors are: Genuinely caring. Professionally Trained. Some issues we can help with: Anxiety and depression. Grief and loss. Domestic violence. Anger Management. School related problems. Marital difficulties. Parenting support. Adoption issues. Substance Abuse. Eating disorders. Emotional trauma. Senior life transitions. Caregiver support. Do you feel overwhelmed? When your life is out of balance the… Read more »

ECFA Counseling Center – Senior Services

ECFA Counseling Center seeks to respond to the needs of seniors in the community. Times of transition and change can be difficult and cause anxiety. Our desire is to come along-side individuals, couples, and families and support them during the changes in their lives and assist in identifying opportunities for growth. Services Offered: Individual, Couples,… Read more »


ECFA continues to serve a wide age range of clients including children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. We always fel encouraged when one of our clients shows progress during the time they are counseling with us. Sometimes change happens quite quickly, but more often that not it takes time for our therapists to develop a trusting… Read more »