The ECWA Singers

True To Life – Spring 2022

Elanor Weiberg and her brother, Leo von Busch took us up on our offer to drop by and visit the office after the fire in 2018. They brought along a piece of our history; a copy of the album of the ECWA Singers. The singers were organized by Harry Hunt in 1967. At that time, the Rev. Robert Murfin was the Executive Director and our offices were at 127 N. Dearborn St. in Chicago. The following people were in the choir in 1972:

  • Nancy Erickson
  • Marie Foran
  • Sarah Jacobson
  • Robin Lang
  • Clara Mains
  • Jack Mains
  • Dorothy Olson
  • David Riggle
  • Frank Salveson
  • Judy Samuelson
  • Virginia Saul
  • Wesley Saul
  • Carna Schroeder
  • Paul Schroeder
  • Twyla Van Vleet
  • Vernon Van Vleet
  • Leo Von Busch

This group of singers visited churches all over northern Illinois serving the Lord and helping Evangelical Child Welfare Agency, as we were known back then. Do you recognize any of the names listed here?

The efforts of our volunteers have taken many forms, but none as unique as the choir. The success of the Agency is directly related to the support of so many people through the years and saying thank you hardly seems adequate. And yet, we are deeply grateful to each and everyone of you. Opportunities still exist, and singing is not a requirement. Give Dan Vallaro a call at (630) 653-6400 or if you are interested in volunteering at ECFA

For more information about volunteering, click here.